The Vilcek Foundation raises awareness of immigrant contributions in America and fosters appreciation of the arts and sciences.

The Vilcek Prizes are awarded annually to immigrants who have made lasting contributions to American society through their extraordinary achievements in biomedical research and the arts and humanities.

James Leng won the 2018 Creative Promise Prize in Architecture for his investigations into the role of defunct buildings and his vision for public, social uses of infrastructure. 

For more information about Jing Liu and the Vilcek Prizes, please visit

Directed by THEY bklyn
Creative Director: Christy Pessagno + Julie Mack
Executive Producer: Brian Cavanaugh + Shinnie Kim + Rick Kinsel
Producer: Billy Mack
Director of Photography: Paul Yee
Additional Camera: Julie Mack
Sound Mixer: Johnny Peters
Production Assistant: Christian Scutt
Editor: Nicole Turney
Design + Animation: Joe Donaldson
Audio Mix: Dan Dzula
Colorist: Colin Travers