Vilcek Foundation – The Making of a Vilcek Prize

The Vilcek Foundation raises awareness of immigrant contributions in America and fosters appreciation of the arts and sciences.

The Vilcek Foundation awards the Vilcek Prizes annually to immigrants who have made lasting contributions to American society through their extraordinary achievements in biomedical research and the arts and humanities. In addition to a monetary prize, winners also receive a trophy uniquely designed for each individual by Stefan Sagmeister.

For more information on the Vilcek Foundation and the Vilcek Prizes, please visit

Director: THEY bklyn
Creative Director: Christy Pessagno
Producer: Julie Mack
DP: David Griffiths, Julie Mack
1st Assistant Camera: Scott Miller
Additional Camera: Tyler Diamond, Jill Putterman
Prop Master: Michael Kellough
Gaffer: Perry Styga
Swing: John Parlante
Production Assistant: Christian Scutt
Editor: Perri B Frank
Sound Mix & Design: Casey Holford
Music: Dexter Britain
Colorist: Colin Travers
Title Design & Animation: Nice Soft T-Shirt
Special Thanks: Paola Antonelli, Ron Labaco, Stefan Sagmeister, Forecast 3D, Designbox, Joe Shouldice, Amanda Bluglass