WHO we are

THEY was founded by Julie Mack & Christy Pessagno in 2012. Our team has grown since then, but our mission remains the same: 

We tell stories. Stories about ideas, stories about human beings, stories about life. We believe in capturing beauty to inspire, voices to express, and hearts to embolden.

We do what we love and we love what we do. Hello, we are THEY.

WHAT we do

From ideation to scripting to storyboarding to casting to shooting to editing to music composition to color to sound mix/design to final delivery to the wrap party, we will take you from start to finish. And we promise it will be mostly fun.

WHERE we work

South Brooklyn is where THEY lives and works – except when we travel to shoot in far off lands. It’s a pretty great place. Feel free to visit anytime! Or invite us to a Cyclones game.


THE FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTS’ CLUB is a design-driven production company. Founded in 2012, the FCC was created by veteran producers of the NYC animation and live action worlds as a way to nurture creative talent. 

THEY + FCC have been known to work together on various projects. And although we are both young companies, we go way back.


NICE SOFT T-SHIRT is Dave Rasura and Luis Aguirre, artists and creators that build worlds from scratch to tell compelling stories, solve problems and shape experience by using the techniques and media that best communicate a message. 

THEY + NSTS like to collaborate on live action animation mashups. When we work together we go by Nice Soft THEYs.