The Vilcek Foundation raises awareness of immigrant contributions in America and fosters appreciation of the arts and sciences.

The Vilcek Prizes are awarded annually to immigrants who have made lasting contributions to American society through their extraordinary achievements in biomedical research and the arts and humanities.

Houra Merrikh won the 2016 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science for demonstrating how conflicts between life-sustaining cellular machines involved in genome duplication and gene expression can accelerate evolution. 

For more information about Houra Merrikh and the Vilcek Prizes, please visit

Shot and Directed by: THEY bklyn
Executive Producer: The Vilcek Foundation
GFX and Animation: Nice Soft T-Shirt
Editor: Nicole Turney
Additional Editor: Samin Pogoff
Sound and Music: Casey Holford
Color: Colin Travers
Thanks to: Jill Putterman, Shinnie Kim, Brian Cavanaugh, Houra Merrikh, Chris Merrikh, and the University of Washington